Hello. I'm Josh.

Businesses, organizations and inviduals hire me to help them stand out.

MY background

Storytelling is the heart of my work.

As a communications professional with nearly two decades of experience, I have served the business, public, and nonprofit sectors.

My experience includes branding, copywriting, public relations, search engine optimized content, social media management, graphic design, and website design.

MY Services

What can I do for you?

Brand development

What is the core personality of your brand? What is the story you want to tell about your company’s products or services? Let me help you define a strong brand.

Product rollouts

Bringing a new product to market? I can help your new release land with the impact it deserves. Let’s discuss the best way to roll out your product.

Creative marketing

Want to develop a new campaign that turns heads and helps you stand out? I can help you create unique and exciting marketing concepts that deliver results.

Perception management

Does your brand have a public perception problem? No problem. I can help you take the right steps to convert a stalling brand into the hottest thing in town.


Check out my previous work

Rather than continuing to tell you what I can do, why not take a look for yourself? I’m proud of all my previous projects, and believe the success I’ve managed to cultivate in the past speaks for itself. Follow the link below to see some of my work.

“Amanda Kerr is a consummate professional who I have had the pleasure working with on a number of projects. When you first meet her, you’ll be impressed by how quickly she engages with your mission and aligns with your aims. Her approach to marketing is nothing short of enlightened, and her novel concepts are a delight to engage with.”

Nicollas Ductorn
Director of Corporate Marketing
Forge Inc.

Work Approach

People don't buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.