Required Reading-January 2021

An infrequent list of articles curated by Josh Burlette

1.Crisis marketing: How brands are addressing the coronavirus
Whatever crisis response guidebooks that may have existed weeks ago now seem to be from another era, and even the most nimble advertisers — accustomed to evolving their strategies and adapting ad creatives in real-time — are asking, “How do we meet this unprecedented moment?”

While the answer to that question will be different for every brand, many have responded with meaningful approaches to give audiences a reason to believe that we’ll get through this crisis and move forward together. Here are three impactful ways advertisers are showing up during the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks.

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2.The 3 biggest trends that should be on every marketer’s radar for 2021
Advertisers and marketers are familiar with disruption. But in 2020, disruption wasn’t dictated by a new medium. Instead, marketers and advertisers had to make massive adjustments to existing efforts to reflect a new reality.

In 2021, privacy and regulation will continue to shape ad tech, the presence of ad fraud will continue to drain ad budgets and marketers will continue to grapple with the seemingly increasing pace of change in these areas while preparing for a post-pandemic reality. 

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3.Real estate trends 2021: What you need to know
Wow, 2020 was a challenging year. With so much that happened across the country, you might be wondering how it’ll impact real estate trends in 2021.

While the pandemic did disrupt home sales in the spring of 2020 (which is usually considered the hottest season for real estate), the market quickly made an impressive rebound. Real estate experts have reported that the surge in home sales toward the end of 2020 actually made up for the spring market losses.

Will we see more of the same results in 2021? How will the housing market shake out in our current economic climate? Whether you’re selling, buying or staying put, here are the 2021 real estate trends you need to know!

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4.Stess in the workplace: Three takes for you to consider
2020 is gone and I know a lot of us are looking forward to what comes next. Rather than make resolutions about what you’re going to do, let’s take tactical steps to solve issues that affected us throughout 2020. Looking through recent LinkedIn comments, I noticed that stress was something that impacted many people in this community. With this in mind, here’s a list of things you can do to deal with stress at work. I hope it provides you value.

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5.How the pandemic has underlined the importance of brand purpose
The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown purpose into the spotlight. In the B2C world, consumers have rewarded brands prioritising the health and wellbeing of their staff while continuing to deliver vital products and services. However, consumers have been quick to make an example of companies seen to be acting for profit alone, failing to protect their staff or prioritise key workers.

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