How to Craft the Perfect Blog Post Title

Believe it or not, standing in line at the store is a great place to get ideas for blog post titles. Have you ever casually browsed the magazine rack while standing in line at the store?

Magazine editors are masters at crafting captivating titles for their covers. Even if you’re not interested in the latest celebrity gossip, you’ll find yourself gazing at the glossy covers.

So what makes the perfect blog post title? Ideally, titles for blog posts will be attention-grabbing, engaging, descriptive, and search engine optimized. Want to create great titles? Pay attention to the messaging behind magazine cover titles.

The Internet is filled with information. Your blog posts are vying for the attention of readers who have the world at their fingertips. As a result, your titles need to be attention grabbing. What will grab the attention of fatigued web readers? Articles that offer solutions to problems. Answer questions they want to know. Solve problems they need help solving. These types of headlines will grab the attention of your target audience.

Make your readers want to click on the link to your blog posts by engaging them. Offer easily digested solutions to problems and answers to questions. Lists are a great way to engage readers. Titles with “Top 5” or “How to” are a simple, but effective way to engage with your target audience.

Too many bloggers try to be clever with their blog post titles. While a catchy title can be effective, Internet users are looking for simplicity. Don’t make it difficult for people to figure out what your post is all about. Clearly describing what the post is about in your title is often all you will need to do in order to create the perfect blog post title.

Search Engine Optimized
Craft blog post titles with strong, relevant keywords. Keywords will help people who are interested in your content find your posts. Try to figure out what search terms people will use to find the information you are providing in your blog posts. After you’ve identified the main search terms, you can work them into your title. Don’t force keywords into your titles. Keywords need to be used naturally within blog post titles.

While there’s no formula for crafting the perfect title, these tips will help strengthen your titles. As long as you keep the reader in mind, your titles will be successful. What types of titles catch your attention?